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I have always known I should make time to meditate. But I was afraid to know that if I did it, I couldn’t go back to the old Aura that I loved. I have tried many times before but I wasn’t prepared, I was rushing things like If I was always behind. For the first time I meditated seriously, tears of joy went down my face, It was a beautiful experience. Since then my life has become clearer and more perceptive. The love I had for myself increased and my willpower grew. It was a point of no return for sure and a step forward to a better version of myself.


Some time ago, I started working on my emotions. To do that I began by breaking down my feelings in situations that hurt me the most. I confronted them and little by little I understood that I had unresolved emotional issues from my childhood and those unresolved emotions wouldn’t allow me to achieve a better mental well-being. This is my daily practice and each day brings me new opportunities to handle my emotions better in different environments and situations. The sooner you start the better. Let’s free our minds and put them at the service of our present. This will allow us to live in gratitude.


Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed physical activities. I had the opportunity to practice diverse sports: basketball, judo, tennis, and soccer. Since early age my mom thought us as an example to be disciplined, consistent, and persevering in anything I endeavor. As I grew up and I changed locations, my priorities also changed. I left sports and I joined the gym for the convenience of working out any time of the day mainly to work on those extra pounds I gained and to keep my weight in check. I knew that I wanted to go back to sports but my long work hours and my budget didn’t help. In 2019, after dealing with a knee problem for two years. I told myself, “This is not going to defeat me.” I hired a physical therapist, and we started from scratch and since then I have made progress. So that’s where my discipline, consistency, perseverance, and faith in myself brought me to where I am now.


My mom always cooked healthy and nutritious food because she considered it essential for our growth and vitality. When we changed locations, the environment changed, as did the available foods and access to them. Even though we weren’t junk food lovers, we didn’t drink bottled juices or sodas. My body felt the change.

In 2013, after almost three years of working and studying, I was sedentary. I felt the need for a reset. I need it to add and remove food that wasn’t helping. I wasn’t sick or suffered from any illnesses but I did it because I listened to my body.

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