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• Aura María JiménezVillanueva is an innate leader, entrepreneur, and communicator; she has acquired an interest in film and photography throughout her studies. Her first video was marketing the town of La Cumbre, Valle, where she lived until 2005. Miss JimenezVillanueva studied Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali Valle, her hometown, further enriched her education in the United States of America.

• She studied Media and Film at Kean University. In 2009 she started a project along with a classmate where they endeavor an entrepreneurial and entertainment journey outside the campus; the same year, she was awarded a scholarship for two consecutive years by Joseph A. and Martha B. Krauss Endowed Scholarship in Journalism and graduated with honors in 2012 while working as a Digital content coordinator at Vme, Inc.

• In 2013, she alternated her work as a communicator and volunteer for programs that support disadvantaged communities in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

• As part of her entrepreneurial skills, In 2014, she started working in conjunction with her mother in Proyecta Tu Bienestar, seeing the need for Spanish curated content for personal growth, well-being, and self-development.

• After seeing a great response with, In late 2017 opens Outsourcing productivity, a company that offers services for entrepreneurs in an early stage in business.

• She saw a great way to give back to her community since she firmly believes that education and entertainment can go extensively. Her eagerness to serve brings her to join the HITN family in 2017, where she currently works as a Digital Content and Post Production coordinator on-site. Off-site, she is the Unit production manager for Estudio DC, one of many HITN’s original productions.

• Aura Maria is always looking to create, and, along with her mother in 2019, they both start the production of Proyecta tu Bienestar Show, a short format content, easy-to-understand presented from a different perspective on youtube.

• Working at HITN is something that she enjoys; public television is where she always has seen herself, and that makes her a step further in her quest of working for a stronger Hispanic community. Work-life balance is key to her life; she wholly believes in staying active and working as a team member. So, in 2019, She created the first-ever HITN soccer team.


HITN 2017 - Present

• Post Production and Digital Content Coordinator: In charge of all the incoming video content that runs on HITN’s linear channel and OTT platforms. As part of the Content Operations department, Aura Maria ensures that producers, editors, and scheduling personnel adhere to the broadcasting industry standards. She also serves as the Unit Production Manager for original productions in the Eastern Region.

HITN - 2016 - 2017

• Post Production Specialist: Supervise postproduction procedures to ensure accurate achievement of details. • Execute administrative duties, which included preparing operational reports. • Examine broadcasts to ensure programs match the station or network policies and regulations. • Inform personnel of production problems. • Reject or decline products, materials, or equipment that did not meet specifications. • Notify formats, approaches, content, levels, and mediums necessary to meet production objectives effectively.

V-Me Media, Inc. 2010 - 2013

• Digital Content Coordinator: Managed encoding and distribution workflows for broadcasting, content syndication, online and video-on-demand (iTunes, VCAST, Brightcove, YouTube, Comcast, and Verizon FiOS) • Producer assistant for Upfront 2012. • Captured images with rich content for marketing and advertisement purposes. • Evaluated quality control test results and provided feedback to production management or staff. • Supervised post-production procedures to ensure accurate achievement of details. • Examined broadcasts to ensure programs match station or network policies and regulations.


• Producer: Produce, edit and distribuite Proyecta Tu Bienestar's content.

Show of Force Sept - Oct 2016

• Assistant Editor - Translate and transcribe Spanish Interviews for a documentary.

Urbania Films, LLC 2006 - 2015

• Pre-Editor: Responsible for new customer acquisition, production, and marketing development of advertising campaigns in a successful manner to accurately meet the associated television station regulations. • In charge of production and post-production procedures such as overseeing and coordinating camera functions, lighting, design, and sound crew. • Set up scenery, lights, props, and music required for production. • Oversaw and coordinated camera functions, lighting, design, and sound crew. • Framed, composed, coordinated camera movement, sound for each shot or scene. • Consulted with technical directors, managers, crew, and writers to confer production details, such as photography, script, music, and sets.

Tu Rumba Tv 2009 - 2010

• Co-Founder: Researched production topics using the Internet and other informational sources. • Collected and categorized information to plan advertising campaigns. • Planned budgets and proposed estimates for program costs as part of campaign plan development. • Put in orders and negotiated publicity and sales contracts. • In Charge of the social media marketing strategists and analyzed data to ensure audience engagement.



Aura went above and beyond. Very professional. Awesome work! I plan on using her for all my videos. Would definitely recommend. 10/10
Cynthia Rivera
Executive Assistant
Aura María is an excellent problem-solver and well-versed in technical concepts. She also possesses first-rate written and verbal communication skills.
Mauricio Gallego
Director of CONTENT OPS

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